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Ellyn Jones

Chief Financial Officer

Ellyn Jones

Ellyn Jones joined JLG in 2016 when the previous office manager retired. Since then, she has taken on all the management and financial responsibility around the office. She really is indispensable to Jones Law Group. 

Ellyn Jones is now Jones Law Group’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Before working at JLG, Ellyn worked in St Pete where she enjoyed engaging with the community and building strong relationships, which has helped her a lot with her endeavors at JLG.

Helping the staff and clients succeed is Ellyn’s main focus and passion. She handles all of the financials and administration. And…adding decorative touches to the office here and there.

Ellyn has been married to Bobby Jones for 23 years, and together, they have grown JLG into what it is today!

Bobby and Ellyn have 3 beautiful children who enjoy playing baseball, swimming, theme parks, and all kinds of adventure.

In her spare time, she enjoys being with her family, gardening, boating, exercising outdoors, and playing with her Black Lab, Tank, and her Saint Berdoodle, Rosie!