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Once a modest city in Pinellas County, Pinellas Park has come a long way from its start as a winter haven for snowbirds. Over 50,000 residents call Pinellas Park home. It is now the fourth largest city in Pinellas County. Jones Law Group is proud to serve and represent the residents of our expanding community when they have been wrongly injured. Our talented attorneys have experience in every area of personal injury law and have decades of combined experience. We have recovered millions of dollars in numerous cases within Pinellas Park and the greater St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay area. As our client, you will rest confidently knowing that we’re dedicated to getting you maximum compensation while you recover from you injuries.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Our Pinellas Park attorneys represent victims of all types of motor vehicle accidents.

We have handled thousands of car and motorcycle accident claims and have taken the side of getting our clients the most possible rather than settling quickly.

We oversee complex commercial truck accidents involving multiple liable parties and insurance policies.

Pedestrians and cyclists who are injured due to negligence also rely on us to help restore their standard of living.

No accident is too small or too big. Regardless of the nature of your motor vehicle accident, we will fight to get you the best possible compensation while making your feel comfortable and keeping you up-to-speed on your case.

Slip & Fall Injuries

Property owners and businesses are responsible for keeping their premises safe. When they fail to maintain reasonable conditions and to follow their duty of care to guests, injuries can happen as a result. Our Pinellas Park personal injury attorneys assist in claims against negligent landlords, giant companies, and small shop owners to get our clients the compensation they need for injuries related to a slip and fall caused by negligence. For slip and fall cases to be successful, plaintiffs need certain circumstantial evidence. The attorneys at Jones Law Group are here to help and will handle every aspect of pursuing your slip and fall case.

Workers Comp Claims

Employers in Florida are required to have workers’ compensation insurance. However, when an injured employee’s claim is accepted, it can increase the employer’s premiums. That’s one reason why legitimate claims are denied regularly. Your personal injury attorney can help you to avoid common filing pitfalls. There may also be benefits you don’t know that you’re entitled to, and your lawyer can help you to discover and collect them.

Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic injuries are permanent impairments. Some examples are paralysis, amputations, severe burns, loss of senses, and brain injuries. Catastrophic injuries typically leave accident victims permanently disabled. In catastrophic injury cases, we always consider the lifelong consequence and expenses when pursuing compensation.

Do I Have a Personal Injury Case?

The first factor we consider in any personal injury case is liability. If another person or entity violates laws or standard safety practices, their liability can be established. Similarly, if another person willfully takes actions to harm you, that person can be held liable. As the victim, you more than likely have a case if you have injuries as a result of the other party’s negligent behavior.

How Can a Pinellas Park Personal Injury Attorney Help Me?

In the wake of an accident, injured victims often have to go up against powerful insurance companies. These companies committed to paying the least amount possible. They have their own legal departments safeguarding their interests and bottom line. That sometimes means pressuring clients like you into making statements or providing information that can negatively impact the outcome of a case. Don’t deal with these companies directly. A personal injury attorney of your own will protect you from these tactics. Our Pinellas Park personal injury attorneys conduct thorough research to gather evidence for each case we manage. While our own knowledge is extensive, our attorneys aren’t limited to our own expertise. We have established relationships with experts in multiple industries who we call on to strengthen our clients’ claims. This detailed process ensures that Jones Law Group can negotiate with insurance companies for the utmost compensation.

Types of Compensation Available

Every personal injury case includes medical expenses associated with the accident. The cost of hospital stays, out-patient procedures, medications, and doctors’ appointments are just some of the medical expenses Jones Law Group can recover for you.

Our attorneys will also pursue any current wages you lost from missing work as well as future lost wages. Lost income is often a signifcant amount of the financial strain that personal injury cases place on injured victims.

Injuries come with both mental anguish and physical pain. We will factor in your pain and suffering to increase the value of your claim.

The cost of replacement services is another recoverable expense. This includes transportation, house cleanings, and other services you would normally handle before your injury. Clients who are living with permanent disability may need to spend a substantial amount of money to live as independently as possible. Home and vehicle modifications, like wheelchair ramps, can be covered in a personal injury claim.

If you have survived a loved one, you can seek compensation in the case of a wrongful death. Forms of compensation are available to surviving spouses and children.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Pinellas Park

If another party’s negligence has left you injured, speak with a personal injury lawyer about your rights and options. The Jones Law Group attorneys of Pinellas Park carefully consider the unique specifics of each and every case. Yours is no exception. Our team will work diligently to secure the full value of your claim. Initial consultations are always free. You can reach us online or by phone at 727-877-3272.

Prior to representing any client in a personal injury claim, we provide a free consultation with an attorney. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury, illness, or death because of negligence, we are available to help. We can answer any urgent questions you may have as well as schedule your free consultation by calling 727-571-1333, by filling our online form, or by using our Chat feature below.