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Slip, Trip and Falls often lead to serious injuries, lifelong consequences, and serious financial stress. Let us help.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a slip and fall, it’s important to realize that it happens more often than you’d think, but what you do afterward is crucial. Seeking medical attention is obvious, but so is reporting the fall, collecting all relevant documents, and contacting an experienced St Petersburg slip and fall attorney like the team of professionals at Jones Law Group. Schedule a free consultation today to see how Jones Law Group can help you win the compensation you are entitled to.

How common are slip and falls, and are they really that dangerous?

Slips and falls are spontaneous, and may seem like something you could brush off and recover quickly from. However, falls can result in grievous consequences. The World Health Organization reports that 37.3 million falls occur annually that are severe enough to warrant medical attention, and each year 646,000 people die globally from injuries sustained in falls.

Common Injuries from a Slip and Fall

Fractures and Sprains

Reaching out to stop your fall with your hands can lead to broken arms and wrists. Also, some trips will cause broken ankles and legs. In addition, there is a tendency to fall on the shoulder to absorb impact, but that can result in dislocation of the shoulder and even injury to the nerves that connect the spine to the arm and hand.

Head Injuries

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs when the head is subject to blunt force trauma, and is a major cause of death and disability in the United States. Falls are one of the most common causes of TBI, accounting for 48% of all TBI related emergency room visits in 2014.

Back and Hip Injuries

Disc herniation, spinal fractures, and nerve damage are all possible injuries from a slip and fall. These are conditions that can cause immense pain and a lifetime of complications.

Hip fractures are also common in slips and falls, and can be especially detrimental to older adults because the long recovery period causes weakness through muscle loss due to being bedridden.

Proving a Slip and Fall Case and Determining Liability

To win a slip and fall case you need to prove liability, negligence, and responsibility. The cause of the injury must be determined to be dangerous, and the injuries must have been obtained within the confines of the incident. The conditions surrounding the slip and fall must have been known by the proprietor of the establishment where the fall happened, and negligence will be decided if the conditions that caused the injury could have been remedied or were not clearly identified. The proprietor is responsible for maintaining their property and ensuring safety and that issues are communicated effectively to mitigate harmful outcomes.

Slip and Fall Injuries that Occur at the Workplace

Slips and falls are not limited to any particular industry, they occur in the workforce everywhere.  In 2016, 48,060 people fell in the workplace and was injured badly enough that they needed time off from work, and 831 people died from lower and same level falls.

If you slip and fall at work, you may have the opportunity to pursue a workers’ compensation claim for your injuries through your employer. If your employer doesn’t offer workers’ compensation, you may be able to recover damages through a personal injury lawsuit.

What can I be compensated for after suffering a slip and fall injury?

Medical Bills

If your fall was caused because of negligence, then you may be able to receive compensation for any medical bills you incurred because of the accident. It’s important to keep a record of any bills you paid in relation to your accident. This can include bills for hospital visits, surgery costs, doctors visits, physical therapy, and any prescription costs.

Lost Wages

Due to the serious nature of injuries, many people who have fallen often need to take time off from work to recover. You may be able to successfully recover lost wages, as well as wages that you miss in the future because of your injury. Also, if your fall injury diminishes your capacity or impairs your ability to continue working, you may be entitled to additional compensation that depends largely on the degree of impairment and the amount of time you stand to lose to recovery.

Pain and Suffering

Chronic pain and disability from slips and falls are not uncommon, especially when injuries are severe. Traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury are both common types of injuries one could get from a slip and fall accident, and both can cause disability or paralysis. Because of this, you may be able to recover damages for pain and suffering. This number is calculated by the jury based on your injuries and the case your attorney makes for you in court.

Permanent Loss and Disability

If you’re permanently disabled because of your slip and fall accident, you may never be able to work again. You’ll be able to collect damages for loss of future wages as well as for loss of earning capacity, if you can no longer perform your job (or any job). While many can receive these damages, your attorney may also direct you to the Social Security Disability Insurance program so you can further receive income throughout your life.

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