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Floridians have no shortage of sunny days to enjoy the open road. That explains why there are over 570,000 registered motorcycles statewide. It’s a fun and freeing way to get from point A to point B. Like most of life’s pleasures, riding a motorcycle does have its downsides. It puts you at greater risk for injury.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Fatal motorcycle accidents happen 28 times more than other types of deadly crashes. That figure is even more overwhelming when you consider that there are under 9 million registered motorcycles among the 273 registered vehicles in the United States.

Motorcycle riders are almost 16 times more likely to die in an accident than the passengers of typical vehicles. The stark difference in vehicle size and lack of barriers around motorcyclists are major factors in the survival rates.

Accidents involving motorcycles are more likely to happen on nights and weekends. It’s harder for other drivers to see motorcycles when it’s dark outside. Also, there tends to be more drunk drivers on the road during later hours and non-work days.

The Process of a Motorcycle Accident Case

To be successful in a motorcycle accident case, injured motorcyclists must establish that the other party is at fault for the accident and the injuries that happen as a result. Collecting evidence is one important aspect in showing liability. While you’re at the scene of the accident, it is helpful to take photos and videos that show vehicle damage as well as visible bodily injuries. Obtaining a copy of the police report and taking witness statements will also help your case.

It’s clear that seeking prompt medical attention is important for your health. Additionally, it shows that you took reasonable care to prevent your injuries from getting worse. Your medical records will also serve as proof of your injuries.

If necessary, your motorcycle accident attorney can assist you in collecting evidence that is not as readily available to you such as surveillance footage from the day of the accident as well as vehicle records and cell phone records. However, the insurance company of the other driver will likely try to get you to agree to a financial settlement before you’ve had a chance to speak with a lawyer.

Securing your own legal representation first will protect you from settling for a lesser amount than your case is worth. Your lawyer can file a lawsuit on your behalf, handle negotiations with insurance companies, and take the case to court if necessary.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Heavy rain can obstruct the vision of any driver, but it’s especially dangerous for motorcycle operators. Potholes and debris that motorcyclists would steer clear of on a dry day aren’t always visible when it is pouring. And when it rains for the first time after a dry spell, water can bring up oil to the surface of the road. It’s harder to maintain control of a motorcycle on an oily, slippery road.

Drivers who are turning left often don’t see motorcyclists who are crossing an intersection. Many accidents happen because of this. Cars that aren’t even in motion can also be a threat to motorcycle riders when car doors are opened suddenly and unexpectedly in a biker’s path.

Vehicle drivers are often responsible when a motorcycle accident happens. However, motorcyclists contribute to accidents in some situations. While illegal, lane splitting is common practice. Motorcycle operators weave in and out of lanes to avoid getting stuck in traffic. Other drivers don’t expect this, so they aren’t looking out for the motorcyclists.

Long Term Impacts of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists absorb impact more directly than other drivers when they’re struck by a vehicle and when they make contact with the pavement. Whether or not they’re protecting their heads, they’re at risk for traumatic brain injuries. Fifteen percent of helmet-wearing motorcyclists who seek hospital treatment suffer traumatic brain injuries. It’s 20% for those without helmets.

Back injuries are also common after motorcycle accidents. Chronic back pain can severely impact your quality of life, and it could require long-term use of pain medications for relief. In especially devastating cases, spinal and neck injuries can leave motorcycle accident victims with extensive nerve damage or paralysis.

While broken bones aren’t usually as life-changing, they can have serious long term impacts. For example, those who’ve broken a bone are at higher risk for post-traumatic arthritis, painful inflammation of the joints.

Receiving Compensation for your Injuries

As the victim of a motorcycle accident, you can recover compensation for the financial hardships that result from your injuries, including your medical bills and lost wages. A personal injury attorney who specializes in motorcycle accidents can also help you to secure compensation for your pain and suffering.

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