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Car Accident Injury

Kenneth City may be the best kept secret in Pinellas County, Florida. Located between Clearwater and St. Petersburg, Kenneth City is in an ideal location but maintains its small town feel. It may be small in size but it still has its fair share of car accidents. It’s also home to one of the best BBQ spots in all of the Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg region. If you have not tried Caspers BBQ on 54th Avenue, you should put it on your list.

Despite its small size, Kenneth City has a disproportionate number of cars and motorcycles passing through its borders using the heavily travelled 54th Avenue.  There are a couple of dangerous intersections in Kenneth City along the 54th Avenue corridor. The first is located at 54th Avenue and 66th Street.  Accidents regularly occur at this intersection and are typically caused by a careless driver running a red light or turning into to oncoming traffic. The other dangerous intersection can be found at 54th Avenue and 58th Street.  The accidents at this intersection are almost always caused by a driver failing to yield the right of way to oncoming traffic.

Causes of Car Crashes in Florida

In 2018, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles states there were 403,626 accidents in the State of Florida.  This number includes car accidents and motorcycle accidents as well as bicycle and pedestrian accidents.  These accidents caused 236,157 injuries and more than 3,000 deaths.  Some of the more common causes of these accidents include:

Alcohol and Drugs

Drunk and/or drugged drivers constitute a large percentage of the auto accidents in Florida.  When drivers elect to get behind the wheel while impaired they endanger all of us.  To make matters worse, drunk drivers often flee the scene of the car crash.  When this happens, it is important that you have the right attorney who will get an investigator to the scene and work with the police to locate the at fault driver.  At Jones Law Group, we are experienced in locating and obtaining camera footage, working with the police and identifying and interviewing witnesses.  If you are the victim of a hit and run driver, it is imperative you hire an attorney who has the qualifications necessary to assist you in navigating a personal injury claim complicated by an impaired driver or a driver who left the scene.

Distracted or Careless Drivers

Almost everyone has cell phone on their person at all times.  Their cell phones are always within easy reach when driving.  The drivers that text, surf the web, answer emails and talk on these devices while driving pose a significant danger to everyone.    Hiring the right attorney when you have been injured by a careless or distracted is paramount.  At Jones Law Group, we are able to assist you in navigating your claim against a distracted driver that caused an accident by obtaining phone records, witness statements and other evidence of negligence of the person that caused your injuries.

Inattentive Drivers/Drivers Who Fail to See Motorcycles

Ask any motorcyclist that has been injured in a motorcycle accident and they will tell you the first statement following the car accident from the driver of the car is “I did not see you.”  It is a statement that is infuriating to motorcyclists.  Unfortunately, the results of a motorcycle accident can be devastating and include:

  1. Death;
  2. Traumatic brain injury and/or concussions;
  3. Spinal cord damage and/or paralysis;
  4. Disfigurement;
  5. Fractured or broken bones;
  6. Nerve damage and/or bikers arm;
  7. Lacerations, contusions and road rash; and
  8. Neck and back injuries.

Improper U-Turns

Another major cause of car and motorcycle accidents in Florida is the failure of a driver to understand who has the right of way when a driver is executing a u-turn.  At fully controlled intersections, that is to say that all directions of traffic are controlled by traffic signals, I see many near misses between a driver executing a legal u-turn on the green light and a driver attempting to turn right on red.  Who has the right of way is the five dollar question.  Most Floridians believe that the person turning right on red has the right of way. Nothing could be further from the truth. According to Florida Statute 316.075 vehicles may execute a u-turn on a green signal as long as there is not signage prohibiting a u-turn at the intersection.  The driver executing the u-turn must yield the right of way to pedestrians and other vehicles which are lawfully in the intersection. Likewise, Florida Statute 316.075 also permits a driver to make right turn of red if it can be safely accomplished.  Essentially, a driver attempting execute a right turn on red must yield to everyone else lawfully within in the intersection.  Therefore, screaming, honking and obscene gestures aside, the driver executing a lawful u-turn has the right of way.

There are numerous derivations of the same situation.  If there is no signal or sign for the driver making the u-turn, but a stop sign facing the driver attempting to make a right turn, the driver making a legal u-turn still has the right of way.  As a general rule, the driver attempting to execute a right turn on red will be at fault for accidents which occur at the intersection involving the right on red driver.  The driver attempting to execute a right on red has a duty to make sure that the intersection is free of pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcycles and other cars lawfully in the intersection.  I know people will complain because it is difficult to discern whether cars in the left turn lane will execute a u-turn or simply make a left turn.  It is a good practice when turning right on red to check the traffic approaching from the left, both crosswalks and the left hand turn lane so that you are certain it is safe to proceed with the right turn.

Road Conditions

Every year there are thousands of accidents and injuries in which rain is a contributing factor.  In Florida, especially in the St. Petersburg / Tampa / Clearwater area, rain is a contributing factor in many accidents because of the frequent afternoon summer showers we enjoy.  Many drivers seem to take unnecessary risks in the rain.  Motorists hesitate and then pull into the path of oncoming traffic with greater frequency than when the roads are dry.  Many motorists refuse to reduce their speed in the rain and become impatient with drivers that do reduce their speed.  Poor driving technique and failing to adjust to the conditions cause thousands of accident each year in Florida.

Driving in the rain requires patience and caution because rain makes the driving conditions hazardous and, according to my theory, makes other drivers take unnecessary risks.  Here is a list of tips that will enable you to safely deal with rainy conditions.

  1. Slippery When Wet: The danger of Hydroplaning is very real.  Slowing down allows your tires to better scatter the water on the road.  Standing water can cause a vehicle to hydroplane.  Avoid puddles.  Remember roads are constructed with the highpoint in the center and the low point along the shoulders.  Water will collect in areas closest to the shoulder.  Utilize the center of the road.  Properly maintain your tires because bald tires do not scatter water effectively.  Avoid hard braking.  When on the interstate use the tire tracks of the trucks as a guide.  They are heavy and disburse water from the road.
  2. Decreased Visibility: Always have good windshield wipers on your car.  Worn out wiper blades will not remove the water from your window and will actually smear dirt and grime on the windshield making it impossible to see.  Use your defroster as the windows tend to fog up in rainy conditions. If your visibility is near zero – get off the road and wait until the rain slows.
  3. Large Areas of Standing Water: Avoid large puddles.  It is sometimes impossible to judge their depth.  It should be a huge red flag when other cars and trucks have stalled in the puddle, but it never fails to amaze me when I see more cars follow behind stalled cars and continue right into these hazards.  If the water covers your tail pipe, the car will stall and you will get stuck.
  4. Turn on Your Headlights: If your windshield wipers on, your headlights should be on.  This will make you more visible to other drivers.
  5. Turn Off Your Cruise Control:  It is dangerous to drive with your cruise control on during a rain.  The cruise control will delay your response time if your car hydroplanes.
  6. Do Not Take Unnecessary Risks: Allow more space for oncoming traffic when pulling onto the road.  Remember, the stopping distances are increased when it is raining.
  7. Watch Out for Drivers Who Take Unnecessary Risks:  Assume that the driver pulling out of the parking lot is going to pull out in front of you and prepare accordingly.

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