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Florida drivers endanger pedestrians when they are distracted, especially by technology. Summary Distracted driving is a significant hazard to Florida pedestrians, increasing the risk of accidents and injuries. Manual, visual, and cognitive distractions, such as texting, divert

Drowsy truck drivers pose a threat to other motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists because they are more likely to exhibit poor judgment, maneuver recklessly, or fall asleep behind the wheel. Driver fatigue significantly impairs truckers’ driving abilities, similar

A serious spinal cord injury can require expensive medical treatment, lead to lost wages, and impact your life greatly. You deserve to be compensated fairly for these damages and more.  Just about any kind of accident can

How you handle the aftermath of a bicycle accident matters in regard to your health and the strength of your future personal injury claim. Summary Understanding what to do after a bicycle accident leaves you with significant

Rear-end accidents can inflict physical and psychological injuries that entail lasting effects. Summary While some rear-end collisions are minor fender-benders, a serious rear-end accident can cause injuries with long-term health consequences. During a rear-end accident, a driver

Blunt-force trauma from a personal injury accident can cause long-term consequences for an individual’s health and finances. Summary The cause and effect of blunt-force trauma from personal injury accidents can lead to considerable hardship for an accident

Pedestrians are vulnerable to catastrophic injuries in collisions caused by a driver failing to yield right of way. Summary Failing to yield right of way at intersections is major cause of pedestrian accidents, often due to drivers

Drivers and pedestrians can sustain catastrophic injuries when truck accidents occur at truck stops. Summary Common reasons why truck stop accidents occur include distracted driving, fatigue, improper parking, and motorists’ failure to maintain focus. Truck stops provide

Understanding the difference between a survival action and a wrongful death claim can clarify what type of compensation is available to grieving families. Summary Many families who lose a loved one to the negligent actions of another

Summary Amputations caused by car accidents are among the worst injuries anyone can suffer. Victims may suffer limb amputations or even multiple amputations. The financial impacts of an amputation include substantial medical bills and lost wages due