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The Dangers of Road Rage

It’s not an exaggeration at all to say the dangers of road rage are frightening. Not only does it not make any sense whatsoever, it can also lead to injuries that can have lifetime consequences. Road rage can also have a tragic end – and all because someone chose to get behind the wheel when they were having a really bad day and decided to take out their aggression on innocent people.

At the Jones Law Group, we don’t have any patience for drivers who give in to road rage. When they cause an accident that results in severe injuries – or worse – they have to be held accountable and forced to pay dearly. Our attorneys will be ready to help you get every penny of compensation if you’ve suffered an injury in a road rage accident.

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Road Rage Statistics

Even though everyone knows about the dangers of road rage, many of us don’t realize just how bad this problem is. Here are just a few statistics that will paint a clear picture.

  • One of the most common forms of negligence committed by drivers is speeding. But whether someone is enraged when behind the wheel or they’re simply not paying enough attention to how fast they’re going, speeding is incredibly dangerous. In fact, it was responsible for nearly 30% of all traffic-related fatalities in 2020.
  • More than 50% of all fatal crashes involved road rage.
  • It has been estimated that stress led to a 12% spike in vehicle deaths in 2021 compared to 2020.

What Causes Road Rage?

Just about every driver has been on the road when they were frustrated for some reason or another. But what makes someone so angry that they become consumed by road rage?

  • One possibility is that people are just more stressed than ever before. It’s hard not to be if you pay attention to what’s going on in this country. Far too many people take that stress with them when they get in their vehicles, and the potential consequences can be deadly.
  • When a motorist is already mad, trying to navigate a parking lot can make things even worse. Cars are coming from every conceivable direction, making frustration build to the point where it boils over.
  • There are some people that, for whatever reason, just can’t deal with being in traffic. While no one likes it, of course, there are some that hate it so much they fly into a rage – especially when they come upon an unexpected traffic jam.
  • For some drivers, they feel like they’re anonymous when they’re on a freeway. This can sometimes make them more prone to engaging in risky behavior, such as speeding or cutting off others.
  • A driver might look over at another and see them talking on their phone, eating, or doing something else that could take their focus off of the road. That behavior could enrage them so much that they drive in an erratic fashion.

Types of Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving can take a lot of forms. Here are just a few examples of impulsive behavior that can be incredibly hazardous.

  • Keeping another car from making a lane change
  • Hitting or bumping another vehicle on purpose
  • Braking suddenly and for no reason
  • Tailgating
  • Honking and yelling at others on the road
  • Cutting off other cars

What Types of Accidents Does Road Rage Cause?

Road rage can contribute to a lot of different kinds of car wrecks. Here are a few of the more common ones.

  • T-bone accidents – When someone is so angry that they are completely oblivious to the safety of the people surrounding them, they could easily speed through a red light or a stop sign. This will very likely result in the road rage driver slamming into the side of another motorist entering the intersection.
  • Head-on collisions – In extreme instances, people with road rage can get so irate that they actually become disoriented and don’t realize where they’re going. They can wind up going the wrong way on a highway by trying to enter by using an exit ramp. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to picture just how devastating this kind of high-speed, head-on collision can be.
  • Rear-end accidents – Again, a traffic jam can be infuriating – but there are plenty of drivers who take their anger to extremes. They might be so enraged they will try to plow through any vehicle in their path and slam into the rear of an unsuspecting driver as a result.

How Does Road Rage Affect Car Accident Claims?

You might know beyond a shadow of a doubt that another driver’s road rage led directly to your accident. In order to file a successful car accident claim, however, you’ll have to show solid proof that was the case. If your attorney can uncover that evidence, there’s a chance you could obtain what are known as “punitive” damages.

It’s important to know that punitive damages are hardly ever awarded. But the point is to punish someone for egregious negligence and to do so severely that others won’t make the same mistake. Who would deserve this kind of punishment more than someone causing an accident due to their road rage?

How Does Road Rage Affect Compensation?

One of the dangers of road rage is that they can be incredibly traumatizing emotionally to an injury victim. A typical accident may involve negligence, but road rage is an even worse form of negligence. Victims may suffer severe emotional harm because they were directly targeted. If that’s the case, they could obtain even more compensation in addition to what they’ll already have coming for their medical bills, lost wages, and other damages.

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