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When it comes to going after compensation for a personal injury, no one wants to wait longer than necessary. But the reality is it could end up on the back burner while you’re juggling treatment and your

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance is a type of car insurance coverage that covers medical expenses. Every Florida resident who owns a vehicle is required to have PIP insurance, as each person’s PIP insurance is responsible for

Airplane travel is known as a very safe form of travel, safer than driving to your destination. However, injuries on flights are still possible. There are a number of potential hazards, such as turbulence, small spaces, and

A personal injury attorney provides legal representation for those physically or emotionally harmed at the fault of another person. From car accidents to bed bug cases to slip and falls, having a personal injury attorney on your

Florida is home to some of the world’s most popular theme parks, as well as beautiful beaches and tropical weather. With so many vacationers, some Florida cities have become a popular destination for bed bugs as well.

Social media is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, and a big part of life for many people. We can share our thoughts, opinions, photos, and updates about our lives with everyone

By: Heath C. Murphy + – Car Accidents Property damage claims are fairly straightforward to determine. The value of property is can be determined by the marketplace. Personal injury claims, on the other hand, are more complex.

By: Heath C. Murphy + – Personal Injury After being involved in a car accident case it is very likely that the injured person will miss work. The amount of work missed can range from a few

Could You be Responsible for Medical Malpractice? By: Heath C. Murphy + – Personal Injury Car accidents are, unfortunately, a fairly common occurrence in Florida. Most people at one time or another during their life have been

By: Heath C. Murphy + – Personal Injury This is Part V of VI in my Personal Injury Medical Terms Glossary. Over the past three days I have addressed the most common injuries and terms related to