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Bicycle Accidents & Injuries - Florida is risky for Cyclists

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Bicycle Accidents and Injuries – Florida is the Most Dangerous State for Cyclists

Car vs. Bicycle, the outcome is easy to predict. The cyclist will lose every time in that accident and unfortunately the injuries can be severe. Bicycling in Florida is more dangerous than any other state. In fact, bicyclists in Florida are almost twice as likely to be involved in a fatal bicycle accident as the next most dangerous state for riders.

Pinellas County and St. Petersburg present special challenges to bicyclists. With an average of 361 sunny days per year, almost every day is good for bike riding in St. Petersburg. Pinellas County is also the most densely populated county in Florida, but only has 50 miles of trails available to cyclists to use. Those of us that drive around St. Pete know that most roads do not have bike lanes and those that do have bicycle lanes typically allow on the street parking, right next to the bike lane. While there are many accidents in which a car or truck collides with a bicycle due to a distracted driver or simply failing to notice the cyclist, parked cars present a unique challenge to cyclists who attempt to use the bicycle lane. This hazard is known as “being doored” or “dooring.”

When a cyclist is utilizing the bike lane and a person exits a parked or stopped car without looking for, or noticing the approaching rider, often times the bicycle rider is unable to avoid running into the open door. This is called being doored. There are numerous videos of cyclists being doored and how quickly it can occur. Bicycle accidents also commonly occur when cars drive too close to bicyclists. The injuries suffered by bicyclists can be severe and include:

1. Death;
2. Traumatic brain injury and/or concussions;
3. Spinal cord damage and/or paralysis;
4. Disfigurement;
5. Fractured or broken bones;
6. Nerve damage;
7. Lacerations, contusions and road rash; and
8. Neck and back injuries.

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