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How to Avoid Whiplash in a Car Accident

By: Heath C. Murphy +Personal Injury

What is Whiplash

Whiplash is a relatively common injury that involves the sudden acceleration then deceleration of the head and neck. It is most commonly associated with rear end collision car accidents. Typically, if a car accident occurs where one car is rear ended by the other, the occupants of the front vehicle will have their head and necks accelerate forward until the seat belt halts their forward progress. Then the head and neck will be violently stopped and snapped back. This type of injury was first associated with train accidents prior to the invention of the automobile and was called “railway spine.”

Whiplash is not usually a life threatening injury, but it can lead to extended periods where the person may be partially disabled. Early medical care is important in the treatment of whiplash. Care may include range of motion exercises and chiropractic care. Failure to properly diagnose and treat whiplash can lead to more serious issues such as depression.

Can Whiplash be Prevented?

Recent studies have indicated that up to 35% of whiplash injuries avoidable.[1] The research has found that most people have either poor quality head rests in their vehicle or have the head rests adjust improperly. There is a website[2] which will allow you to determine whether the head rest in your current car is of a good quality. To properly adjust your head rest you want the top of the head rest slightly above the top of your head. The head rest should positioned so that it is nearly touching the back of your head. The seat back of your seat should be in a fairly upright position. The goal is to keep the seat back and head rest as close to your back and head as possible.

What are the Symptoms of Whiplash?

It is important to remember that the symptoms of whiplash may not be felt at all for 24 hours and may actually grow worse over a period of days. Most people will experience some of the following symptoms in the days following the accident:

1. Neck pain and stiffness;
2. Pain in the shoulder or between the shoulder blades;
3. Pain in the lower back;
4. Pain radiating into arm or hand;
5. Headaches;
6. A ringing in the ears;
7. Vision issues;
8. Cognitive or memory issues; and
9. Irritability and fatigue.

It is important to remember that infants can suffer whiplash, as well. However, the parent of an infant will need to be on watch for the following symptoms:

1. Irritability;
2. Change in personality;
3. Decreased alertness;
4. Loss of consciousness;
5. Breathing issues;
6. Pale or bluish skin;
7. Loss of appetite; and
8. Vomiting.

If your infant exhibits any of the symptoms described above, it is urgent that you seek medical care immediately.

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