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Rollover Crashes

There are many different types of car crashes on the road, but the most dangerous is a rollover crash. A rollover occurs when the vehicle tips over onto its side or rolls onto its roof. A vehicle rollover happens only in about 3% of all serious crashes. However, they make up 30% of people killed in passenger vehicles.

Any vehicle can be involved in a rollover, but the vehicles most likely to roll have a higher center of gravity, such as vans, pickup trucks, and SUVs.

Factors that can contribute to a rollover accident are:
• Speeding
• Tire blowouts
• Driving under the influence
• Distracted driving, causing the driver to oversteer to stay on the road
• Hitting a median or guardrail
• Uneven, rocky, or wet roadways

Rollover accidents tend to cause more serious injuries and fatalities. They commonly happen at higher speeds, and force of the accident can cause the driver or passengers to be ejected from the vehicle, or the roof to collapse upon impact. There are currently many lawsuits for defective vehicle design, if the vehicle fails to properly protect the occupants from danger during a rollover.

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