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Is Texting While Driving a Bigger Problem Than Drinking And Driving?

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Texting While Driving – Is it a Bigger Problem than Drinking and Driving?

It is illegal to text and drive in Florida. The Pinellas County Sheriff or the St. Petersburg Police are perfectly willing to give tickets, but thus it seems that more people have caused an accident by texting than ticketed prior to an accident. In my opinion, the law is deficient because it allows for too many exceptions of when a driver may text, surf the web, email or use the navigation device. Essentially, drivers can do anything while the car is stopped. Presumably, this would include being stopped at a traffic signal or stop sign. Using your cell phone for navigational purposes while driving is also permitted pursuant to the law.

The leading cause of deaths among teenagers is texting while driving. More teens are killed due to distracted drivers texting than teens are killed by drunk drivers each year. Despite the alarming statistics 50% of teen admit to texting while driving. 75% of teens actually admit to watching video while driving. Studies show that you are 23 times more likely to be involved in a car accident if you are texting while driving.

Teenagers are not the only distracted drivers on the road. More than 80% of adults admit to texting while driving and nearly half admit to texting and driving regularly. Studies indicate that receiving or sending a text takes, on average, 4.6 seconds. During this time your car can travel the length of a football field or more. Drivers have been trained for years to follow other cars on the road observing the “2 Second Rule.” Drivers, who are following this rule, tend to maintain a 2 second gap between themselves and the next car. Obviously, if the driver of the trailing car is texting while driving that driver may not ever even apply the brakes before causing a traffic accident. Motorcycles, pedestrians and bicyclists have even a greater risk to be struck by a vehicle driven by a distracted driver sending or receiving a text.

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