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Speeding on Stop Sign

The Dangers of Running Stop Signs

St. Petersburg / Clearwater Areas Problem Areas

There are several areas in the St. Petersburg / Clearwater area where drivers routinely run stop signs. Florida law requires that drivers approaching a stop sign must stop completely before the crosswalk (if present).[1] When a driver fails to stop completely, you will sometimes hear it referred to as a “California Rolling Stop.” The practice of rolling through stop signs is far more prevalent than actually just running the stop sign, but is still a very dangerous practice.

In St. Petersburg / Clearwater there are several areas where motorists consistent failures to obey stop signs has created safety issues. Several such areas include:

1. The northbound U.S. 19 frontage road at Dimmit Dive.[2] The frontage road has a stop sign to allow traffic exiting U.S. 19 access. Exiting at this location has become dangerous because of drivers who fail to stop and are hit by drivers, travelling at speeds of up to 50 MPH exiting U.S. 19.
2. The northwest frontage road along Tyrone Boulevard in St. Petersburg has several stop signs at exiting points for the traffic from Tyrone. Drivers using the frontage road very rarely seem to stop completely. This make for a dangerous combination when a motorist exits Tyrone.
3. The intersection of Tyrone Boulevard, 68th Street North and the frontage road creates a very dangerous situation with the combination of two intersections at one location. Further complicating the issues at this intersection is number of pedestrians that are typically present.
4. The intersection of Oakhurst Road and Antilles Drive / 137th Street North in Seminole (the fork in the road in front of Time Out Bar and Grill) is one of the more dangerous intersections in Pinellas County. I have personally encountered 4 accidents with injuries during the month February at or near this intersection.

Collisions Caused by the Failure to Stop?

Failing to obey stop signs is likely to create t-bone collisions. A t-bone collision is created when one vehicle pulls in front of an oncoming vehicle and is struck from the side. A t-bone collision is typically an extremely violent collision because the oncoming car is often travelling at or above the speed limit when it strikes the car which has pulled into its path. This type of collision leaves all of the occupants of both vehicles extremely vulnerable, but none more so than the occupant of the car pulling into traffic who is nearest the impact point. There is almost no protection, as the impact will usually primarily on the door. Side airbags significantly reduce the risk of death, but cannot completely absorb massive force generated in a broadside collision.

The Expected Injuries in a T-Bone Collision

The injuries typically seen in t-bone collisions can be catastrophic. The force exerted causes the injuries in both cars to be serious. The driver of the oncoming car will typically strike the car which pulled out into traffic directly into that vehicle’s side. This produces a massive amount of force absorbed on the front end of the oncoming car. Obviously, the vehicle pulling into traffic will absorb a tremendous amount of force in a relatively unprotected area of the car. The expected injuries in both vehicles include:

1. Death;
2. Concussions and other traumatic brain injuries;
3. Fractured or broken bones;
4. Spinal cord damage;
5. Neck and back injuries; and
6. Lacerations and contusions which may have been caused by either the air bags or contact with the actual components of the vehicle.

The injuries in t-bone collisions are often more severe if one vehicle is significantly larger or heavier than the other vehicle involved in the car accident.

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