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Driver with blunt force trauma head injury after a car accident being helped by a paramedic

The Cause and Effect of Blunt Force Trauma

Blunt-force trauma from a personal injury accident can cause long-term consequences for an individual’s health and finances.


  • The cause and effect of blunt-force trauma from personal injury accidents can lead to considerable hardship for an accident survivor and their family.
  • Direct impacts from hard objects in accidents like car crashes and slip-and-fall incidents can result in severe blunt-force trauma injuries that affect victims’ physical and financial well-being.
  • Victims of accidents causing blunt-force trauma can pursue compensation through personal injury claims with the help of experienced lawyers like those at Jones Law Group.
  • Blunt-force trauma can cause various severe injuries including broken bones, joint and muscle damage, traumatic brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries, depending on the nature of the accident.
  • Personal injury lawyers assist victims in determining the value of their claims, gathering evidence, and negotiating fair settlements to recover compensatory damages for blunt-force trauma injuries.

During a personal injury accident like a motorcycle, car, or slip-and-fall accident, the victim can come into contact with a hard object. A direct blow from a hard object, such as a car door, wall, dashboard, or floor, can result in blunt-force trauma. 

This direct impact can cause severe injuries like traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), broken bones, and knee injuries. Frequently, this leads to physical pain and suffering, reduced quality of life, and an inability to perform regular daily tasks.

If a negligent party caused a personal injury accident that exposed you to blunt-force trauma, you could file a personal injury claim to hold them accountable for your damages. The skilled personal injury lawyers of Jones Law Group can assist in pursuing compensatory damages, such as medical bills, lost wages, and lost earning potential. 

Our team at Jones Law Group can help by assessing the cost of your damages, determining who caused the accident, and negotiating with the liable party’s insurance company. Don’t wait to schedule a free case evaluation. Give us a call at (727) 571-1333 or fill out a contact form through our website.

What is Blunt Force Trauma?

Blunt-force trauma is a non-penetrating physical impact caused by direct contact with a hard object that can occur in a personal injury accident. This type of trauma can cause severe physical injuries. For example, it may inflict damage to the bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscle tissue, resulting in tears, sprains, and fractures.

Damage from blunt-force trauma ordinarily results in contusions, lacerations, abrasions, bone fractures, and internal hemorrhages. Suffering any of these injuries can negatively affect a person’s life.

Oftentimes, they have to deal with their severe injury’s physical, psychological, and financial fallout. When blunt-force trauma occurs due to the negligence of another party, they can hold them accountable for damages in a personal injury claim.

Personal Injury Accidents That Cause Blunt Force Trauma

Traumatic injuries are the sixth highest-leading cause of death worldwide for people under 35. They can result from blunt-force trauma caused by personal injury accidents when a party’s negligence exposes them to harm.

People going about their business walking around, driving their car, bicycling, or visiting a public property can all suffer blunt-force trauma from a personal injury accident.

Blunt-force trauma can result from any personal injury accident that can bring a victim into impact with a hard object. Car accidents are a common cause of blunt-force trauma injuries. Victims can receive impact directly from another car or from coming into contact with a hard object in their car like a dashboard. 

Victims of other automobile accidents like truck and motorcycle accidents are also exposed to blunt-force trauma injury risk. Another common personal injury accident that can cause a blunt-force trauma injury is a slip-and-fall accident

This type of accident results from a walking hazard leading to someone losing their balance and falling to the floor. Direct impact with the hard floor can cause blunt-force trauma that can result in severe injuries. 

Blunt Force Trauma Commonly Leads to Traumatic Brain Injuries

Blunt-force trauma during a personal injury accident can cause severe injury to any body part that receives a harsh blow from a hard object. The most common type of injury sustained by blunt-force trauma victims is a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

This is a type of injury that occurs when the brain is damaged by a direct blow to the head. Types of traumatic brain injuries that can result from blunt-force trauma include concussions, contusions, coup-contrecoup brain injuries, and brain hemorrhages.

The TBI can range in severity from mild to life-threatening. The level of TBI depends on how the blunt-force trauma occurred and what damage the brain sustained. TBIs can cause significant symptoms, such as: 

  • Nausea
  • Severe headaches
  • Slurred speech
  • Blurred vision
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Confusion
  • Personality changes
  • Vomiting
  • Worsened coordination
  • Poor motor skills
  • Convulsions
  • Partial limb paralysis
  • Severely lowered blood pressure

The long-term damage caused by a blunt-force trauma TBI can make life much more challenging than before your personal injury accident. If you receive a direct blow to the head from a personal injury accident, make sure you receive medical attention.

This helps to prevent further health complications. A healthcare professional can diagnose your TBI and provide the best treatment possible to mitigate the effects of your injury.

Other Severe Injuries Caused by Blunt Force Trauma

You can suffer a severe or catastrophic injury from blunt-force trauma to any body part. If the impact of a direct blow from a hard object causes enough damage, it can result in a severe physical injury.

What body parts are exposed to injury risk through blunt-force trauma depends on what type of personal injury accident the victim suffers. The following are some severe injuries that can result from blunt-force trauma:

How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help You Recover Compensation for Blunt Force Trauma Damages?

Blunt force trauma injuries can result in damages. For example, damages commonly include medical bills, lost wages, and loss of enjoyment of life. You may be able to pursue compensation for your damages through a personal injury claim. 

Hiring a personal injury lawyer is crucial to protecting your claim. First, they have extensive experience in handling all aspects of recovering compensatory damages. You can hire an accident injury attorney specializing in the type of personal injury accident you were involved in. 

They can use their experience strengthen your case for recovering compensatory damages for blunt-force trauma injuries. Additionally, an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you assess the value of your claim, collect evidence, speak to witnesses, and negotiate a fair settlement.

Contact Jones Law Group for Help With Your Blunt Force Trauma Claim

At Jones Law Group, our personal injury lawyers have decades of experience helping car, truck, motorcycle, slip-and-fall, and bicycle accident victims recover compensation for blunt-force trauma injury damages.

Our team has been a dependable source of legal guidance for injured Floridians for many years, helping them rebuild their lives after an accident. We will use our experience to create an effective negotiating strategy. Additionally, our team will collaborate with you to maximize your chances of recovering compensation.

You should schedule a free consultation with a committed Jones Law Group accident injury lawyer immediately. Start by calling (727) 571-1333 or filling out a contact form through our website.

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