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Long-Term Effects Associated with Burn Injuries

Any kind of burn injury comes with severe pain. In especially serious instances, it can also be life threatening. There are a lot of reasons this sort of injury can occur. You may have been in an automobile accident and were burned by hot oil or an exploding gasoline tank. Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to burn injuries when they’re involved in an accident. Many times they will be trapped under the bike and suffer catastrophic burns as a result

If you’ve suffered burns due to the negligence of another, you may be able to pursue compensation in the form of a personal injury lawsuit. The lawyers with Jones Law Group can tell you more. If you would like a free consultation, please give us a call at (727) 571-1333 or use our online contact form.

What Causes a Burn Injury?

Someone can suffer a burn due to exposure to a chemical, an open flame, an electrical shock or one of a number of other reasons. When a burn is extensive enough to cover a large portion of the body, the pain can be debilitating — and last for weeks.

In most instances, the outlook for someone who suffers a burn will largely depend on the extent of the injury and the amount of the body that has been burned. Treatment will depend on the percentage of the body covered by the burn. If it is deep, widespread damage, that could result in months of extremely painful treatment at a specialized burn center.

Types of Burns

There are three main types of burns: first-degree, second-degree and third degree. Here is a brief look at each.

First-Degree Burns

This is the type of burn that can commonly occur around the home. You might accidentally grab a hot dish, or you might scald yourself when some boiling water comes out of a pot. A first-degree burn affects the epidermis, the outermost layer of skin. While the burn is painful, and will lead to red or pink skin, it’s usually relatively mild. As long as the affected area is kept clean, the most that will usually happen will be some peeling of the skin.

Second-Degree Burns

A second-degree burn is more serious, getting deeper into the layers of skin. Not only will the epidermis suffer damage, but so will the second layer, known as the dermis. This will usually lead to swelling and blisters. Typical causes include contact with hot grease, accidentally touching a hot surface, and contact with scalding water.

When a second-degree burn is superficial, it will usually heal on its own within two or three weeks with treatment. This usually consists of topical creams or ointments. If a second-degree burn is deeper, that could eventually require skin grafts.

Third-Degree Burns

A third-degree burn can be devastating, with long-term consequences. It is often referred to as a “full thickness” burn because it can destroy all layers of skin, including nerve endings. As a result, a third-degree burn will usually not immediately cause the amount of pain found with second- or even first-degree burns.

Third-degree burns will always require extensive skin grafts and other intensive forms of treatment that can last for weeks, months or even longer.

Severe Burns Can Cause Lasting Side Effects

When a burn is severe, it can have impacts that last for years. It can lead to horrible disfigurement, and potentially result in the need for amputation. There is also a risk for damage to organs, possibly fatal infections, and other life-threatening complications. Victims of extensive burns will often go into shock, a condition that reduces the body’s available oxygen supply.

If proper treatment is not provided in the event of a serious burn, bacteria could enter the wound and cause a severe infection. There are also instances where burns can lead to sepsis, or blood poisoning. This can, in many instances, be fatal.

Psychological Challenges Associated with Burn Injuries

In addition to the physical damage that a severe burn can cause, there are also psychological impacts of this kind of injury as well. Someone may experience significant mental distress after being burned, distress that can last for months or longer. These are just some of the many ways this can happen.

  • Continually thinking about the event that caused the injury.
  • Scars or other changes in appearance can result in substantial depression and/or anxiety.
  • Stress due to a loss of independence, or physical limitations.
  • Interruptions to a daily home and/or work routine.
  • Possibly irreparable damage to personal relationships.
  • Constant pain and itching can exacerbate these issues.

Speak With an Attorney After Your Accident

As you can see, the effects of a severe burn can lead to not only physical suffering, but mental suffering as well. You may not only be concerned about your physical appearance, but also your ability to pay your medical bills. If the injury has impacted your ability to work, you may be worried about your lost wages.

However, there is a way you may be able to obtain compensation for both your economic (lost wages, medical bills, prescriptions, etc.) and your non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering. A skilled attorney will have the experience and knowledge needed in order to prove that another’s negligence led to your injury. In order to have the best possible chance at obtaining compensation, you’ll need to be able to provide hard evidence. An attorney will be able to gather that evidence and help you obtain as much compensation as possible.

The Jones Law Group has years of experience helping burn victims and other victims of personal injury get the money they needed in order to take care of the massive expenses they incurred due to the negligence of another party. We may be able to do the same for you.

Please get in touch with us as soon as possible for a free review of your case. You can contact us online, or you can give us a call at (727) 571-1333.

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