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Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injuries – Intracranial Hematoma

What is an Intracranial Hematoma?

An intracranial hematoma is caused when blood pools between the brain and the skull. It is caused by a rupture in the wall of a blood vessel. This type of injury is most commonly seen after car or motorcycle accidents. Signs of an intracranial hematoma may be present immediately after impact or they may take weeks or months to develop.[1] Intracranial Hematomas are usually caused by blunt force trauma such as that which occurs when your head strikes the steering wheel in a car accident.

What are the Symptoms of an Intracranial Hematoma?

While the symptoms of an intracranial hematoma can be delayed in their appearance, but usually include the following:

1. Increasing headaches;
2. Vomiting;
3. Drowsiness or loss of consciousness;
4. Dizziness;
5. Confusion;
6. Unequal pupil size;
7. Slurred speech; and
8. Seizures.

It is extremely important to seek medical attention if you notice any of these symptoms after being involved in an accident.

How to Test for an Intracranial Hematoma?

Diagnosing an intracranial hematoma can be challenging because of the delayed onset of the symptoms associated with an intracranial hematoma. The imaging techniques currently utilized may not always be definitive either. Currently, the best ways to find and locate the intracranial hematoma is through the use of a CT (computerized topography scan) or an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging scan). CT scans are more commonly used because of their greater availability and speed. Even though CT scans are more commonly used, recent studies indicate that an MRI is more effective when attempting to diagnose an intracranial hematoma.[2]

Treatment for an Intracranial Hematoma

Unfortunately, surgery is often required for an intracranial hematoma. The type of surgery varies based upon the severity of the injury. If the blood related to the hematoma is localized, the treatment may be to drain the fluid. This surgery involves drilling a burr hole through the skull and using suction to remove the blood. Large hematoma may require a craniotomy which will require the removal of a section of skull to allow the doctor to remove the blood.

Prognosis for Those Who Suffer an Intracranial Hematoma

The road to recovery for those that have suffered an intracranial hematoma is long and typically incomplete. There may be permanent cognitive and emotional deficiencies that never completely heal. There are some basic things that the person who suffers a traumatic brain injury can do to assist in the recovery which include:

1. Follow the doctor’s instructions;
2. Do not drink alcohol;
3. Do not participate in sporting activities until cleared by doctor;
4. Make lists if there are memory issues;
5. Get plenty of sleep; and
6. Do not attempt to resume daily activities until you feel ready.

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