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Lane Splitting Causes Motorcycle Accidents in Florida

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Lane Splitting Causes Motorcycle Accidents in Florida

Lane splitting is the action in which motorcyclists will occupy the space between two cars in order to pass. Lane splitting is often utilized by motorcyclists in stop-and-go traffic and allows them to escape congested areas. Arguments are made that by utilizing lane splitting, motorcyclists are helping to cut down on the amount of pollution emitted by cars during traffic.

Filters, however, is different. Filtering is the act of riding one’s motorcycle between cars that are stopped at a red light. While both are used with the same intent to get ahead of traffic, lane splitting is especially more dangerous than filtering. 

How Can Lane Splitting Cause Accidents?

On one hand, lane splitting may seem safer for motorcyclists. For example, on a multi-lane road, speeds may vary. Imagine that traffic has come to a halt in all lanes. 

In this scenario, it would be safer for the motorcyclist to lane split. They may believe that a moving vehicle will not merge into a stopped lane. However, it may be easy for a car to accelerate into a motorcycle without proper time to brake. On the other hand, on a road where both lanes are traveling at a consistent rate, lane splitting may lead to a vehicle merging without seeing the cyclist. A driver may also sideswipe the motorcycle if they don’t see them driving between lanes.  

According to a 2021 study, lane splitting is attributed to causing a 12% increase in crashes in areas where lane splitting is permitted. This is comparable to the 11% decrease in areas where lane splitting is illegal. 

Many lane-splitting accidents occur due to a vehicle driver not seeing the motorcycle and changing lanes. With an average blind spot of 13 feet, it is extremely possible for a driver to merge lanes and not see a motorcyclist, even if they checked their mirrors and blind spots. 

For motorcyclists, sudden merging can cause them to lose control of their vehicle or be pinned between vehicles. This can lead to serious or even fatal injuries постельное белье. Additionally, a study by UC Berkeley found that lane splitting increases the likelihood that a motorcyclist will rear-end another vehicle. 

Essentially, while it may seem safe in some scenarios, weaving between lanes is very dangerous and can lead to many injuries. 

No, weaving between lanes is not legal in Florida. According to Florida State Statutes on Operating Motorcycles on Roadways laned for Traffic постельное белье купить, a motorcyclist cannot move between lanes of traffic or between adjacent lines or rows of vehicles. 

Section 316.209(3), Florida Statutes. Therefore, if an accident occurs while you are splitting lanes, the accident will be considered your fault ліхтар акумуляторний світлодіодний. Additionally, motorcyclists who lane split can receive a fine of up to $500. 

It is also important to note that lane splitting in efforts to overtake and pass another vehicle is also illegal. 

Section 316.209(2), Florida Statutes. So, while one may not technically be lane splitting if occupying the same lane, it is still illegal for a motorcyclist to share the lane with another vehicle emerson gear. All vehicles, automobile or motorcycle, must share the road and respect the rights given to others.  

With 411 of 2020s 8,045 motorcycle-involved crashes occurring in Pinellas County, it is extremely dangerous for motorcyclists to lane split.

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