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Look Twice for Motorcycles

By: Heath C. Murphy +Personal Injury

I have written a lot of articles about motorcycle safety and articles directed to bikers. This article is for drivers of the cars and trucks. The drivers of cars and trucks in St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Tampa must be more cognizant of motorcycles. It is especially important this time of year because Florida weather is perfect for riding. In the St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Tampa area there are an estimated 65,000 registered motorcycles. With that many motorcycles on the road, the drivers of cars and trucks must learn how to see motorcycles. In my opinion, the “Look Twice for Motorcycles” campaign is an incredibly simple and effective technique.

How Looking Twice for Motorcycles Saves Lives

The phrase Look Twice for Motorcycles just emphasizes a driving technique that should be utilized by good drivers already. It is the same theory that is already taught to pedestrians. Look left, then right, then left again before crossing any street. This technique gives the driver two opportunities to see motorcycles and avoid an accident. The video below provides some perspective on this technique and how quickly and how devastating a motorcycle accident can be.

Make an Effort to Think About Motorcycles

In Florida, motorcycles are ridden year round. With an estimated 65,000 motorcycles in Pinellas and Hillsborough counties, alone, it is very important that drivers should to be expecting to encounter motorcycles. Just as you remind yourself to look for children in school zones, when you drive in St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Tampa you must consciously be aware of motorcycles. In many instances, riders are unable to protect themselves. It is entirely up to the drivers of the cars and trucks to avoid making mistakes that can be fatal to a motorcyclist.

Stay Back

How does it feel to have a car tailgating? Motorcyclists feel that irritation, ten fold, when a car encroaches within 2 car lengths. Motorists know that they are in a steel box which will provide protection if hit from behind. Riders know that a tailgating accident on a motorcycle is likely to have long lasting and devastating consequences. The best driving technique is stay far behind motorcycles and if you are going to pass signal your intentions early and change lanes before encroaching into their territory.

Let Them Swerve

The roads in St. Petersburg can be an obstacle course for cars. Potholes, manhole covers, live animals, dead animals and debris make operating a car challenging in St. Petersburg. Usually, when a car confronts those driving conditions, the worst outcome might be that their car is knocked out of alignment. Bikers must face all of those road conditions and oily spots on the road. If the motorcycle fails to avoid the obstacle it can have tragic consequences.

Just remember, when motorcycles swerve they are not doing it to annoy you. They are doing it so that they can navigate the roads safely. Obstacles which you do not notice in a car can cause a motorcyclist to have an accident. So, give bikers plenty of room and remember that they have to avoid obstacles that cars do not even have to consider.

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