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It is illegal to text and drive in Florida. The Pinellas County Sheriff or the St. Petersburg Police are perfectly willing to give tickets, but thus it seems that more people have caused an accident by texting

Car vs. Bicycle, the outcome is easy to predict. The cyclist will lose every time in that accident and unfortunately the injuries can be severe. Bicycling in Florida is more dangerous than any other state. In fact,

Has anyone told you not to get uninsured motorist coverage on an automobile insurance policy? It is advice that I will convince you is dead wrong by the end of this article. Florida requires that drivers maintain

So, you have been in an automobile crash and hurt your back. The doctor schedules you for an MRI Generally, this will require an appointment at a separate location to have the MRI performed. There are several

While there has been a trend in recent years showing fewer automobile accidents, the same cannot be said for motorcycle crashes. Since 2001 the number of people in Florida injured in a motorcycle accident has risen by

Do you drive while talking on your cell phone? It is not illegal in Florida which makes it safe, right? Fourteen states have banned using a hand held devise while operating a motor vehicle. A total of

Have you ever heard that if you rear end another vehicle, the accident is automatically your fault? Not necessarily. Until recently in Florida, there was a rebuttable presumption that the rear driver in a rear end collision