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The Impact of the Texting and Driving Law in Florida

Cell phones are everywhere these days. 95% of the United States population owns a cell phone, and many have it on them at all times to conveniently check messages, emails, and social media. This instant connection to friends and information becomes an addiction that is sometimes hard to put down. But there are times when safety should come before the impulse to look at your cell phone, such as while driving.

In Florida, texting while driving is a secondary law. You cannot be pulled over by police for simply texting and driving. However, if the officer sees another offense, such as speeding or reckless driving, you can be cited for texting as well as the other offense.

In 2017, Florida was named the second-worst state in the country for distracted driving. A major contributing factor to this is Florida’s secondary law of texting and driving, which it shares with only four other states (Iowa, Nebraska, Ohio, and South Dakota). Most states take texting and driving more seriously for its ability to create distracted drivers.

There are three types of distracted driving:

Visual: When you take your eyes off the road

Manual: When you take your hands off the wheel

Cognitive: When you are thinking about something other than driving

Texting while driving is the ultimate combination of all three distracted driving types, which explains why it is so dangerous. In 2017, Florida had over 50,000 accidents caused by distracted drivers. Many of those could have been prevented by eliminating distractions such as cell phones.

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