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5 Ways a Catastrophic Injury Can Affect Your Life

A catastrophic injury is one that has devastating impacts on a person’s life for years. In many cases, the impact may even last a lifetime. It could be due to a car accident, a truck accident, or for a number of other reasons. What makes things even worse is that, in many instances, the victim of this type of injury has to suffer due to the negligence of someone else. A momentary act of carelessness can result in decades of misery.

At the Jones Law Group, we have seen many unfortunate examples of people whose lives have been turned upside down due to negligence. We’ve also helped them obtain the compensation they deserve for the suffering they’ve been forced to endure. Our catastrophic injury attorneys are ready to do the same for you.

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These are just five of the many ways that catastrophic injuries impact lives.

1. Long-Term Physical Pain

The pain associated with a catastrophic injury can be unimaginable. Whether a victim suffers a back injury, broken bones, serious burns or any other kind of severe injury, that person is very likely going to be in misery for years to come.

This is just one of the many reasons why you or someone you love simply must get legal representation as quickly as possible. Your attorney will get to work immediately, launching an investigation into the accident that led to the catastrophic injury. The sooner that investigation begins, the better the chances your attorney will be able to gather the evidence needed to prove another party is to blame.

Once that happens, your attorney will then do what it takes to make sure you get the money you have coming from any and all negligent parties.

2. Emotional Trauma

There is often an incredible amount of physical pain associated with a catastrophic injury. However, the emotional trauma victims suffer can be just as horrible. Imagine suffering a severe traumatic brain injury. Then suddenly not being able to accomplish even the most basic everyday tasks. The stress and frustration could be overwhelming.

If someone is “lucky,” so to speak, they may only have to deal with emotional trauma for a few days. The more likely scenario is that they’ll be enduring issues like anger, fear, frustration, and possibly even PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) for years to come.

An attorney can not only help catastrophic injury victims obtain compensation for their physical pain, but their emotional distress as well.

3. Frequent Doctor Visits

Hardly anyone looks forward to going to the doctor. Even when it’s only once a year for a regular checkup. For someone with a catastrophic injury, they have to do this on a much more frequent basis. Not only do they have to get the initial medical care they need. But there are also follow-up visits and possibly other surgeries in the future. Each one of those surgeries will likely entail another hospital stay and several other follow-ups.

An attorney will work with an accident victim’s medical care team, as well as other experts, to get the clearest possible picture of not only what kind of treatment will be needed in the short-term, but in the long-term as well. This will help the attorney determine the amount of compensation the victim will be entitled to receive.

4. Financial Struggles

Obviously, all of this treatment can quickly add up. There are some types of catastrophic injuries that require so much in-depth medical attention that the bills can eventually reach into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. There are the costs associated with any surgeries that may be needed, as well as prescription medications, any adaptive physical devices that may be needed, home health care, and much, much more.

But accident victims don’t just incur medical costs. There’s a near certainty they’ll no longer be able to perform the same jobs they did before they were injured. Not only will they incur lost wages in the aftermath of the accident. They’ll also lose future earning capacity. They would have likely earned more money as they earned promotions.

Medical costs and lost wages (present and future) are examples of damages. This is the legal term for monetary losses. An injury victim’s best chance of recouping their damages will be to hold accountable those responsible for their accident. Their best chance of doing that will be to hire a skilled, experienced personal injury attorney.

5. Changes to Everyday Life

One of the worst effects of a catastrophic injury is the impact it has on a victim’s everyday life. Things a victim took for granted before might no longer be possible. This can include driving a car, holding their child, or even making their own meal. Accommodations will likely have to be made, such as assistive equipment, home care services, and physical therapy. The homes of many catastrophic injury victims will often have to undergo extensive remodeling to make them accessible.

These and other changes can go a long way toward helping an injury victim have the best possible quality of life under the circumstances. But, as you can easily see, they will be incredibly expensive. The responsibility of paying for them should fall on those whose negligence caused those changes to be needed in the first place. An attorney will work to make sure all negligent parties face that responsibility.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney to get Compensation You Deserve

The most tragic aspect of a catastrophic injury is that, in many instances, it could have been prevented. If someone else’s recklessness led to an accident that severely injured you or someone close to you, the catastrophic injury attorneys with the Jones Law Group will be ready to help.

Please use our online form or call (727) 571-1333 for a free case review to learn more.

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