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Gabby’s Law If Gabby’s Law passes the Florida Legislature, drivers that illegally pass a stopped school bus could wind up in jail. The bill is named for Gabby Mair who was hit and killed shortly after exiting

Some Police Departments Have Blamed Increased Speed on Waze Several police departments and national police associations have recently blamed the popular Google App Waze for encouraging drivers to speed and making the roads more dangerous for all.[1]

Florida Laws Regarding Passengers on a Motorcycle Florida has very relaxed laws on the use of motorcycles. As far as passengers are concerned, they must occupy either a separate seat or a seat meant for two riders

Notice to Owner Overview Contractors and material suppliers in Florida who do not have a direct contract with the owner of the property must properly serve a notice to owner within 45 days of the first date

What is Aggressive Driving? Did you know Florida has an aggressive driving statute?[1] Aggressive driving is defined as driving while committing any two of the following offenses: 1. Exceeding the posted speed limit;2. Improperly or unsafely changing

This is not my first blog about teenaged drivers, nor will it be my last. You may be the parent of the most well meaning, responsible teen alive. That teenager still has fairly high odds of being

So you are presented with a contract from a customer or vendor. It contains a provision in the contract concerning indemnity. It is written in lengthy legalize with multiple run on sentences that would make a high

Florida is one of the most dangerous states for pedestrians. Pedestrian fatality rates are nearly twice the national average. Additionally, I have, in the past, blogged on the dangers faced by bicyclists in Florida, where the fatality

So you have been involved in an accident. You were not in perfect condition before the accident. Perhaps you had an old injury to your back. Perhaps your prior back injury had not flared up in years

Many people are involved in car, motorcycle, bicycle or pedestrian accidents from which they walk away without broken bones or major lacerations. They might get treated and quickly released from the emergency room with standard orders of