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Is Tampa Facing a Wrong Way Driving Epidemic? It sure feels that there is a wrong way driving epidemic in the Tampa Bay area. This weekend, there were two more wrong way driving incidents in Tampa.[1] At

What is an Intracranial Hematoma? An intracranial hematoma is caused when blood pools between the brain and the skull. It is caused by a rupture in the wall of a blood vessel. This type of injury is

New Technology May Soon be Available to Police The ComSonics company is close to production on a hand held device that police will be able to use to determine whether you are texting while driving.[1] ComSonics is

What is a Dooring Accident? Dooring accidents happen without warning and can be dangerous or even deadly to riders. When a cyclist is utilizing the bike lane and a person exits a parked or stopped car without

Road Rage and Aggressive Driving Lead to Senseless Injuries Not too long ago, I wrote an article on aggressive driving and road rage. However, it is in the news again and I felt compelled to comment on

In my opinion, the practice of law is a very personal business. The practice of law within the area of personal injury is even more so, but all too often I hear horror stories from people I

I am aware that there are hundreds of websites that provide “personal injury calculators.” In my opinion, they are not very reliable for assessing the value of a personal injury case. These “personal injury calculators,” for the

Rear End Collisions – A Common Occurrence According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration rear end collisions account for nearly 1/3 of all car accidents.[1] Rear end collisions can be caused by a variety of factors

Most Accidents Happen at Intersections 36% percent of all car crashes involve a vehicle turning left or crossing at an intersection.[1] This is, by far, the most common accident situation. The accident, if it does not involve

Fog is the Most Dangerous Driving Condition Statistically speaking, fog is the most dangerous driving condition faced by residents of St. Petersburg. There is actually a fog season in Pinellas County that runs from December until February