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Most Accidents Happen at Intersections 36% percent of all car crashes involve a vehicle turning left or crossing at an intersection.[1] This is, by far, the most common accident situation. The accident, if it does not involve

My Child Was in a Car Accident – What Should I do? According to the Centers for Disease Control, there are approximately 150,000 children that are injured each year in traffic accidents.[1] Unfortunately, that estimate is probably

Does My Child Need to be in a Car Seat or a Booster Seat? Florida recently passed a more stringent child restraint law. As of January 1, 2015, all children under the age of 6 must ride

When Should I Hire an Attorney After an Accident? It is perfectly within your rights not to hire a lawyer after a car accident. In many cases, I would even argue that you do not need one.

A Diffuse Axonal Injury is a Common Injury Suffered in a Car Accident Car Accidents, especially rear end collisions, can result in whiplash injuries in which the head snaps back and then forward, usually striking the steering

Pedestrian Safety Issues in St. Petersburg St. Petersburg is a city in which there are a lot of pedestrians. We are blessed with an urban environment in which walking is practical and convenient. Pinellas County is also

What is a Drowsy Driver? There are no reliable statistics concerning drowsy driving. There is no test that can be administered to determine whether a driver is too drowsy to drive. No consistent data is kept from

The “Radiology” Study[1] From 2005-2012 the Department of Radiology at the New York University School of Medicine conducted a study of persons with mild traumatic brain injuries (MTBI). Concussions are widely classified as mild traumatic brain injuries.

What is an Accident Reconstruction Expert? Anyone who has been involved in an accident knows that the police come out, take statements, examine the scene and the cars involved. They may or may not measure skid marks

Bicycling Without Proper Safety Clothes is Dangerous I just read a recent article about a bicyclist who was struck and killed while riding along a busy street in St. Petersburg.[1] The article stated that the man was