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Slip and fall accidents are among the most common cause of injuries every year. Everybody has slipped and fallen, at one time or another. Most of the time the injury is nothing more than a bruised sense

Florida has nearly twice the amount of coastline as any other state in the continental U.S.[1] Pinellas County, alone, has 35 miles of beaches and many miles more of coastline. Additionally, pools are a very common feature

Football is a wonderful way for boys to stay in shape and to learn valuable life lessons. However, parents need to be ever vigilant to ensure that their children are wearing the proper safety gear and observing

Pit Bull Attacks are on the Rise Since 2007, Pit Bull and the mixed breed Pit Bull dog attacks have risen steadily.[1] What is the reason? 2007 was the year that Michael Vick was convicted on the

By: Heath C. Murphy + – Personal Injury This is the final part in my Personal Injury Medical Terms Glossary. I hope that those of you that have taken the time to read this have found it

Busy parking lots, especially those found at grocery stores or malls, can be hazardous to navigate. Some parking lot accidents are very minor and involve only property damage, but I have also seen parking lot accidents where

Many accidents involve some degree of culpability by both parties. For instance, consider the case where a driver stops at a stop sign, but misjudges the speed of an oncoming car before entering its path. The oncoming

Jogging has remained enormously popular since the 1970s. It continues to attract thousands of enthusiasts each year and the St. Petersburg / Clearwater / Tampa area has an ideal climate for jogging, year round. In addition to

It may seem to be a completely obvious statement to make, but roads are slippery when wet. Essentially, when it rains, there is a layer of water between the tires of your vehicle and the road which

Collectively, semi-trucks travel about 140 billion miles per year delivering goods in the United States. One-third of all U.S. semi trucks are registered in Florida, Texas and California. Obviously, semi trucks are a necessary component of the