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Road Rash from a Motorcycle Accident

When some people hear the term “road rash,” their first inclination is to assume this is a relatively minor injury. But any motorcyclist who’s ever had road rash due to an accident knows it’s anything but. Road rash can be excruciating, leading to potentially dangerous complications.

The attorneys with the Jones Law Group can help if you suffered road rash, or any other kind of injury, in a motorcycle accident that wasn’t your fault. We have an extensive track record of helping riders and are ready to fight for the compensation you deserve.

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What is Road Rash?

Road rash is an injury that occurs when a person’s skin scrapes against concrete, asphalt, or some other type of rough surface during an accident. In motorcycle accidents, road rash is a common injury ranging from mild to severe. It occurs when a rider slides across the pavement during a crash, often resulting in severe abrasions that can tear off multiple skin layers.

Causes of Road Rash

Motorcycle accidents are the chief cause of road rash. When a rider is involved in a crash, they may be thrown from their motorcycle and strike the pavement, and their momentum causes them to slide across the road, scraping their skin against the rough surface. The severity of the road rash depends on the motorcycle’s speed, the type of surface the rider slid across, and the protective gear the rider was wearing.

Even though it’s obviously critical to wear the right gear, there’s no guarantee that a rider will be able to avoid severe road rash. This injury can result in extensive medical treatment and often result in a victim needing to miss work for an extended time.

Examples of Accidents Caused by Road Rash

Road rash can occur in any motorcycle accident, but some examples of accidents that commonly cause road rash include the following:

  • Single-vehicle accidents – These occur when riders lose control and crash into a stationary object. They may suffer road rash from sliding across the pavement.
  • Multi-vehicle accidents – When a rider is involved in a collision with another vehicle, they may be thrown from their motorcycle and slide across the pavement.
  • Sideswipe accidents – If a vehicle passing a motorcycle in the same direction hits the bike, this could eject the rider from the motorcycle.

When to Seek Treatment for Road Rash

It’s a good idea to seek medical attention as soon as possible after a motorcycle accident that results in road rash. Even if the injury appears mild, there’s a risk of infection and other complications. Signs that medical attention is necessary include:

  • A deep or bleeding road rash.
  • An injury located near a joint.
  • Road rash on the face, neck, or hands.
  • Severe pain.
  • Signs of infection, such as redness, swelling, or pus.

Different Types of Treatment for Road Rash

Treatment for road rash depends on the severity of the injury. You can treat a mild road rash at home, but more severe cases may require medical attention. You should go directly to the hospital after an accident for an evaluation. They will instruct you on how to care for your road rash properly. Treatment options include the following:

  • Clean the wound thoroughly to remove any debris or dirt that may be present. You can do this with soap and water or an antiseptic solution.
  • Applying an ointment, such as petroleum jelly, can help keep the wound moist and promote healing.
  • Covering the wound with a non-stick dressing can help protect it from further damage and promote healing.
  • Over-the-counter pain medication, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen, can help relieve pain associated with road rash.
  • Additional medical attention may be necessary if the road rash is severe or infected. Treatment could include antibiotics to treat an infection, surgical debridement to remove damaged tissue, or skin grafting to replace damaged skin.

How Much Does it Cost to Treat Road Rash?

The cost of treating road rash varies depending on the severity of the injury and the type of treatment required. If you’re lucky enough to have a relatively minor road rash, you could probably treat it with over-the-counter medications and wound care supplies.

However, more severe cases may require medical attention, which can be costly. Treatment for road rash may include doctor’s visits, prescription medications, dressings, and other medical supplies. Additionally, if the road rash is severe enough to require time off work, there may be lost wages to consider. The ultimate cost could easily reach tens of thousands of dollars, if not more.

Receiving Compensation After a Motorcycle Accident

If you’re involved in a motorcycle accident that results in road rash, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. This money can help cover the cost of medical treatment, lost wages, and other expenses related to the accident. To receive compensation, you must seek the assistance of an experienced motorcycle accident attorney.

An attorney can help you gather evidence, such as medical records and police reports, to support your case. A motorcycle accident lawyer with the Jones Law Group can immediately investigate to determine how the accident occurred and who was to blame. This investigation must begin as soon as possible to collect evidence before it disappears.

There are many kinds of evidence that your lawyer will try to obtain. For example, there could have been surveillance cameras nearby that captured footage of the wreck. The police report could provide detailed information regarding the officer’s opinion of how the accident occurred. Once your attorney completes the investigation, they’ll know who to take action against in an effort to help you get the money you have coming.

Your Jones Law Group attorney will negotiate with insurance companies to ensure that you receive the full compensation. The vast majority of personal injury cases settle, but we’ll be ready to go to trial if needed.

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