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Truck Accidents Caused by Large Trucks Other Than Semis

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Truck Accidents Caused by Large Trucks Other Than Semis - JLG

Truck Accidents Caused by Large Trucks Other Than Semis


  • Truck accidents caused by large trucks are an occurrence far too common in Florida
  • Box, tow, dump, garbage, and delivery trucks can all be extremely dangerous.
  • Many factors contribute to large truck accidents, including lost cargo, driver fatigue, and many others.
  • Truck accident victims must hire an attorney to obtain maximum compensation. 
  • Trucking companies must do all they can to make their vehicles safe. If they don’t, they can face liability should an accident occur.

When most people think about truck accidents caused by large trucks, they usually picture semi-trucks that weigh 80,000 pounds. But there are many kinds of large trucks, and they can all result in devastating accidents leading to catastrophic injuries – and worse. The following is a look at some of these trucks and information on why these horrible collisions occur.

If you’ve suffered an injury or lost a loved one in an accident involving a large truck, the attorneys with the Jones Law Group will work to help you obtain maximum compensation. Schedule a free case review by contacting us online or calling (727) 571-1333.

Understanding the Different Types of Large Trucks

The wide variety of trucks on our roads might surprise you. Here are just a few:

  • Box trucks – Box trucks, commonly seen making deliveries or transporting cargo, have a rigid, enclosed structure. Their design ensures the protection of goods during transit, but their size and weight can contribute to specific challenges on the road.
  • Tow trucks – You might have called a tow truck after a vehicle breakdown or accident. While they provide essential services, they pose unique safety considerations – primarily when engaged in towing operations.
  • Dump trucks – Recognizable by their large, open beds for hauling loose materials, dump trucks play a crucial role in construction and waste management. However, the nature of their loose cargo poses inherent risks, particularly during loading and unloading.
  • Garbage trucks – Collecting and transporting refuse can pose safety risks. Frequent stops, unpredictable traffic conditions, and the need for precise maneuvers create potential hazards for both drivers and pedestrians.
  • Delivery trucks – Often associated with courier services and retail deliveries, these trucks navigate urban landscapes, making frequent stops. The demand for timely deliveries can sometimes compromise safety, leading to rushed maneuvers and increased accident risks.

Factors Contributing to Truck Accidents Involving Non-Semi Trucks

There are many reasons why truck accidents caused by large trucks occur. For example, many large trucks have obstructed views due to their design or cargo configurations. Limited visibility can lead to blind spots, making it challenging for drivers to be aware of surrounding traffic, pedestrians, or cyclists.

The type of cargo these vehicles carry also presents risks. Unsecured loads, hazardous materials, or irregularly shaped items can lead to cargo spills, posing dangers to other motorists and creating road hazards.

Like all commercial vehicle drivers, drivers of large trucks must follow federal hours of service regulations. The government designed these rules to limit the number of consecutive hours drivers can spend behind the wheel. When drivers ignore these rules, they typically cause accidents due to fatigue. 

Also, trucking companies often hire drivers without the experience to handle their specific vehicle type. These factors can contribute to slower reaction times, lapses in attention, and an increased likelihood of accidents.

Common Types of Non-Semi Truck Accidents

In 2022, commercial trucks were involved in more than 9,000 wrecks on Florida roads. There are many different forms that a wreck could take, but these are some of the most common causes of trucking accidents.


Rollover accidents can occur due to a high center of gravity, sharp turns, or uneven loading. Large trucks, especially those with an elevated cargo area, may be more susceptible to rollovers. 


Jackknifing happens when the cab and trailer of a truck fold into an angle. This can occur during sudden braking or maneuvering, leading to a loss of control. Tow trucks and larger delivery trucks are particularly prone to jackknifing.

Rear-End Collisions

Large trucks may be involved in rear-end collisions, especially in stop-and-go traffic. Limited visibility and the challenges of abrupt stops and starts can contribute to these accidents.

Wide Turn Accidents

Delivery and garbage trucks often require more significant turning radiuses. Wide and swinging turns can catch other drivers unaware, leading to collisions at intersections. Unsuspecting motorists can suffer terrible injuries as a result. 

When someone suffers an injury in an accident with a large truck, they often face significant financial expenses, such as medical bills and lost wages. They deserve justice, and a skilled personal injury attorney can help them in the following ways:

Determining Liability

Determining liability in large truck accidents involves assessing driver negligence, vehicle maintenance, and compliance with traffic laws. Understanding the specific circumstances of the accident is crucial for establishing liability. A skilled truck accident lawyer knows how to collect critical evidence and assess blame.

Seeking Compensation

Victims of large truck accidents may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Seeking compensation involves navigating complex legal processes, requiring the expertise of an experienced attorney.

Dealing With Insurance Companies

Insurance policies covering large trucks can be $1 million or more. When an accident occurs, insurers will fight passionately to protect their profits by denying victims the compensation they deserve. An attorney can fight just as passionately to protect your rights.

Trucking Company Responsibilities

There are several steps trucking companies can take to reduce truck accidents caused by large trucks

. These include:

  • Driver training and education – Comprehensive training programs for large truck drivers emphasize the skills and awareness required to operate these vehicles safely. Ongoing education contributes to improved safety on the roads.
  • Regular vehicle maintenance – Establishing and adhering to strict maintenance schedules is crucial for preventing mechanical failures that could lead to accidents. Routine checks of brakes, tires, and other critical components are essential.
  • Improved visibility technologies – The integration of advanced visibility technologies, such as cameras and sensors, enhances the awareness of large truck drivers. These technologies help mitigate blind spots and reduce the risk of collisions.

Trucking companies are responsible for doing all they can to make their trucks as safe as possible. Unfortunately, too many of them ignore safety in the pursuit of profits. When they do, accident victims have grounds to take legal action.

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