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Motorcycle Accidents Caused by Car Door Opening

Motorcycle accidents caused by a car door opening are a common type of accident that can result in serious injuries or even death. It seems that just about everyone is in a hurry these days. But there’s no excuse for a motorist or passenger not to take a few seconds to check for oncoming riders before opening a door.

The attorneys with Jones Law Group are ready to help if you’ve suffered a severe injury in this kind of accident. We’ll ensure that anyone responsible for your suffering faces accountability. Our law firm has years of experience representing riders. We know certain stereotypes often keep bikers from getting the money they deserve. Your Jones Law Group attorney won’t let that happen in your case.

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What is a Car Door Opening Accident, and Where Do They Frequently Occur?

A car door opening accident occurs when a driver or passenger opens a car door into the path of an oncoming motorcycle. This type of accident is also known as a “dooring” accident. The motorcyclist often can’t avoid the collision and is thrown from their bike. Car door opening accidents can occur in any location with heavy traffic and parked cars, including city streets, parking lots, and driveways.

Car door opening accidents are more likely to occur in urban areas with more cars and motorcycles on the road. In addition, these accidents are more common in areas where parking is limited and drivers must park on the street.

Causes of Car Door Opening Accidents

There are several common causes of car door opening accidents, including illegally-parked vehicles, right-hand turns, poor visibility, and failure to look. Here’s a brief look at each.

Illegally-Parked Vehicles

Drivers will sometimes park their cars in areas where parking is prohibited. When they do, they may be forced to open their car doors into the path of oncoming traffic. In addition, cars parked too close to the roadway may force motorcyclists to ride closer to the parked cars. This increases the risk of a collision.

Right-Hand Turns

When riders need to make a right turn, they’ll usually need to get as far over to the right side of the lane as possible. If they didn’t, then they’d be blocking traffic. But when they make this maneuver, that will typically put them dangerously close to vehicles parked along the side of a street. Riders will often be close to cars parked on side streets and near driveway entrances.

Poor Visibility

Motorists will often have to park in areas with poor lighting or visibility. When they do this, that makes it difficult for them to see oncoming traffic. This can be especially dangerous for riders because motorcycles are typically smaller and more challenging to see than cars.

Failure to Look

Finally, many car door opening accidents occur because drivers and passengers fail to look for oncoming traffic. This can happen when drivers are distracted or in a hurry and don’t take the time to check. Florida law requires drivers and passengers to check for oncoming traffic before opening their car doors. However, people often ignore these laws, causing accidents to occur.

Injuries Caused by Car Door Opening Accidents

Car door opening accidents can cause severe injuries to motorcyclists. When a motorcyclist collides with an open car door, they may be thrown from their bike and suffer injuries such as broken bones, head trauma, and spinal cord injuries. In addition, motorcyclists may collide with other cars or objects after being thrown from their bikes, further increasing the risk of injury.

Proving Fault and Recovering Your Damages

If you’re involved in a car door opening accident, it’s essential that you hire an attorney as soon as possible. Your lawyer will work to determine who was at fault for the accident. In most cases, the driver or passenger who opened the car door without checking for oncoming traffic will be found at fault. However, in some cases, other factors may have contributed.

To prove fault, your attorney will need to gather evidence. This evidence usually includes eyewitness testimony, police reports, photos of the accident scene, and more. An experienced motorcycle accident attorney will also help you build a strong case and represent your interests in court.

If a car door opening accident injures you, you may receive compensation for your damages. Damages can include medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. However, recovering damages from a car door opening accident can be difficult, as insurance companies may try to blame the motorcyclist for the accident.

As stated earlier, motorcycle riders deal with many associated stereotypes. Many people assume bikers are thrill seekers because that’s how TV shows and movies often portray them. When they serve on a jury in a motorcycle accident case, they may be prone to reach a verdict against a rider as a result.

The attorneys with Jones Law Group know how to deal with motorcycle bias. We can bring in expert witnesses who can educate jury members on how a bike works. These experts can, for instance, show the kinds of maneuvers riders have to perform in order to be safe. Our lawyers will ensure that motorcycle bias doesn’t have a negative impact on your case.

Contact Jones Law Group to Speak with an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you’ve suffered an injury in a car door opening accident that wasn’t your fault, you should immediately speak with a skilled motorcycle accident attorney. At Jones Law Group, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you recover your damages and protect your legal rights. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about how we can help you. Use our online form or call (727) 571-1333.

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